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I am (R) Admiral Cihat Yaycı –the President of Turk Maritime and Global Strategies Center. I was promoted to Rear Admiral on 30 August 2012. I continued my academic studies during my tenure. I made presentations and notifications about ‘Security Cooperation in the Black Sea’, ‘Piracy’, ‘Maritime Security’, ‘International Activities at Sea’,’ Maritime Jurisdiction’, ‘New Maritime Security Ecosystems’, ‘Current Developments in the Eastern Mediterranean and Libya’, ‘Blue Homeland’, ‘Global Maritime Power’ and ‘Turkish Straits’ in public institutions, organizations, public and private universities in our hometown and abroad.

I have been working as a TURK DEGS manager since 2020. Turk Maritime and Global Strategies Center is founded on July 24, 2020, operating in the field of international relations, international law and maritime. The aim of the center, which also provides consultancy services to state institutions, is defined as “identifying, defending and developing Turkey’s rights and interests within the framework of international law”.

Our Vision

TURK DEGS aims to become a leading research center, think tank and educational institution in the global context that analyzes international developments, interstate relations, and all activities related to ‘Seas’/’Oceans’ (such as; Maritime Law, Settlement on Maritime Jurisdiction). In this context, concomitantly TURK DEGS aims to identify the rights and interests of Turkey under international law, as well as to defend and develop the interests of Turkey.

Our Mission

  • Following and evaluating international relations and developments in relation to Seas/Oceans (such as; Maritime Law, Settlement on Maritime Jurisdiction) in global context.
  • Publishing daily reports, monthly bulletins and doing research on areas in relation to Maritime issues not only on interstate relations but also on issues covering a wide range of concepts such as; environment, security and law.
  • Analyzing and evaluating critical areas such as law, politics and international relations.
  • Creating policy papers.
  • To get assistance from the knowledge and experience of leading academics, statesmen and private sector representatives on their field to be able to develop ideas to foster improvement on areas where academic and non-academic fields unite their potentials.
  • Creating products with high academic value by making use of numerous national and global sources.
  • To create an academic and up-to-date archive on the use of countries’ maritime jurisdictions, laws and practices in this regard
  • To make contributing evaluations and studies on relevant legal regulations and practices on national and international ground.
  • To supervise Turkey in her fight against the sharing of the seas to determine the rights and interests.
  • In order to have unity of doctrine regarding maritime law in Turkey to create common ground
  • To ensure that the national doctrine is used as a reference method in the International Court of Justice and Arbitration Courts
  • As a multilingual center to produce internationally reliable resources
  • To prepare research files to be demanded by state institutions, organizations and the private sector and to provide consultancy services
  • To provide training to participants who are interested on Maritime issues with the programs to be organized within the School of Maritime and Global Strategy
  • Organizing congresses, symposiums, panels, seminars and workshops
  • To provide student candidates with all the professional equipment that they need theoretically and practically thanks to our MA and PhD programs to train young academicians and experts
  • Handling sensitive and difficult issues in a professional and objective manner, thanks to the research focused teams and the common platform been created under the name of TURK DEGS with contribution of wide range of sectors.

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