Başkan Joe Biden’e mektup

Ermeni yalanlarına karşı duyarlı arkadaşlara,

Emekli diplomat, yazar sayın Ülkü Başsoy’un, Başkan Joe Biden’e göndermiş olduğu mektubunu bilgi ve okumanıza sunuyorum.

Naci Kaptan


From: Ülkü Bassoy <>
Date: Sun, Apr 25, 2021 at 2:14 AM
Subject: Biden’a mektup

Biden’a 23 Nisan 2021 günü gönderdiğim mektup metnini ilişikte gönderiyorum. 

Perinçek’e de biraz önce gönderdim.




Hamburg, 23.04.2021

Mr Joe Biden
President of the US of America

Dear Mr President,

Latest news from the US media report that Armenian church leaders  i.a. World Council of Churches , certain academics, vociferous politicians supported by an aggressive  Armenian/American diaspora and that of the Armenian State, have been exerting influential/excessive pressure on you for acknowledging formally the tragic events of 1915 during the 1st World War in the eastern region of the Ottoman empire as “ Armenian Genocide” however the Armenians proper do not name it “ genocide” in their native language: They rightly call it Medz Yegern- the Great Tragedy like the Turks do.

Presidents Obama and Trump properly used the same epithet in their declarations..

Indeed, any educated individual or institution (government, parliament etc.) should reflect upon genocide, before taking any action, normatively- by authority of law- i.e not descriptively- politically. Because with “genocide”– one is precisely in an area of a legal concept well defined by the UN Convention on the Prevention and Prohibition of the Crime of Genocide. Any initiative which does not comply with the provisions of the Convention, be it of historiagraphic nature, or resolutions passed by parliaments, governments etc. bear little value. Number of historians supporting the Armenian allegations of genocide or  resolutions passed with a manner similar to those of the old Nazi or Stalinist parliaments unanimously -as were the descriptive cases for German Bundestag and US House and Senate- were basicly useless. John Locke and Montesquieu heritage- the paradigms of supremacy of law and separation of powers are irreplaceable in democracies. ECHR’s Grand Chambre put special emphasis in its 2016 final verdict on the paradigm of genocide’s being  “precisely a legal concept”. The same high court drew a sharp line in its verdict between holocaust-genocide and the Armenian genocide allegations with no legal basis: A definite legal milestone in the status of Armenian allegations. In this context Israel’s and the UK’s approaches to the matter, in spite of all Armenian lobbying  are highly significant. They saw the naked truth against regrettable US approximation.

 There has been correctly established genocides in the history of mankind: Shoah (1941/45), Rwandan/Tutsi (1994) and Srebrenica(1995). These are legally proven genocides established by competent international courts of the UN in conformity with the Convention where hearsay, money, propaganda, terrorist threats, lobbying industry, cheap and ugly politics were not involved.

Mr president , in view of the legal nature of “ genocidal controversy” wouldn’t you deem in your statement to suggest  or advise the Armenian diaspora to raise their issue before a competent international court? Indeed, I always wondered why the state of Armenia or other relevant Armenian institutions, money-rich diaspora  never thought of trying judiciary. Don’t they trust the competent high courts of the UN?

Why? Shyness? Fear?

If so, I thought you would do that for them, then I recalled that the US is not a member of the prestigious high court of the UN International Court of Justice-ICJ. Isn’t this bizarre? I really cannot understand.

Now that the USA has a president – a believer in science, justice, most successful in jabbing 200 millon corona vaccines, most democratic, human /congradulations for your sensitivity on George Flyod case/, public health, respectful to global environmental-earth, climate-  issues; I sincerely admire you for these virtues. Yet I hope that the US,  fully accepting its jurisdiction will  soon join the ICJ under your presidency. Would you please kindly inform me of the steps you would take in this venture.

Ülkü Bassoy

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