Euro banknote with the image of M.E. Rasulzade and Nuri Pasha

On Tuesday, in the Ataturk Center in Baku was  hosted the presentation of a 0-euro euro banknote dedicated to the outstanding historical figures of Azerbaijan and Turkey – the founder of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR) Mammad Emin Rasulzade, as well as the Ottoman army general, commander of the Caucasian Liberation Army Nuri Pasha .

Portraits of these two prominent figures are depicted on a bill made in the framework of the Euro Souvenir Bank project.

The ceremony was attended by the project’s initiator, Turkish collector Ozgur Honcha, Turkish Ambassador to Azerbaijan Erkan Ozoral, public figures of Azerbaijan.

The presentation became the basis for discussing the problems of the formation of the modern Azerbaijani state, Turkish-Azerbaijani relations, perpetuating the memory of the leaders who founded the First Democratic Republic of 1918-1929 and laid the foundations of the Azerbaijani national idea.

“The issue of this banknote should be taken as a call to perpetuate the name of Rasulzade as the founder of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, and Nuri Pasha, as the military leader who liberated Azerbaijan from the Dashnak-Bolshevik terror and instilled the faith of Azerbaijanis in its future,” said MP Fazil Ganfaroglu.

Ozgur Honche, Serhat Jemil Kuchuk, who provided comprehensive support for the project, also played an important role in preventing the issuance of the Artsakh souvenir euro banknote, which was ordered by the Armenian separatists of Nagorno-Karabakh.

“All necessary diplomatic and legal steps have been taken to prevent this provocation against Azerbaijan. Our actions were correctly understood by Euro Souvenir Bank and the issue of banknotes was prevented, ”said Ozgur Honche.

One of the initiators of the presentation, Yagut Misirkhanli, announced that 10 thousand commemorative banknotes were issued. Souvenir banknotes with a face value of 0 euros are printed on the official machines of the European Central Bank and are registered as a trademark. A considerable part has already been transferred to statesmen and public figures in Azerbaijan, Turkey in European countries.

Translated by Turkishnews

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