H.Res.296, “Affirming the United States record on the Armenian G enocide” ERGUN KIRLIKOVALI

, Ergun kirlikovali<ergun >

Just sent the following letter to the members of the House Committee on Rules, the US Congress.

From: Ergun
Sent: Sunday, October 27, 2019 8:46 PM
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Subject: Please vote “NO!” on H.Res.296 – the alleged Armenian genocide is racist and dishonest history

To : The Distinguished Members of the House Committee on Rules, the US Congress.

Re : H.Res.296, “Affirming the United States record on the Armenian Genocide”

Date: 27 October 2019

Dear Honorable Representatives:

I will not beat around the bush: The alleged Armenian genocide is based on a racist and dishonest

interpretation of WWI history.

If H..Res.296 is approved, it would be a blow to the credibility of the U.S. around the globe, for

legislating history scholarship for political gain. Would you want history to remember you as politicians

who undermined the history scholarship in America?

Please vote “NO!” on H.Res.296.

I will not take up your valuable time by reminding you how…

  • valuable a strategic partner to the U.S and reliable NATO ally Turkey is;
  • the Turkish Operation Peace Spring helped the U.S. finally kill the long-wanted, notorious IS-terrorist

Bagdadi in Syria,

  • the timing of this repetitive and antiquated resolution fielded by the Armenian lobby is based on

mis-informed anger at Turkey’s self-defense, anti-terror operation in Syria,

as you already know all that.

I will remind you, though, that the alleged Armenian genocide is based on a racist history because it dismisses

Turkish suffering at the hands of Armenian revolutionaries and dishonest because it ignores the

six T’s of the Turkish-Armenian conflict:

1) Tumult : Numerous violent Armenian armed uprisings,1862-1920 (See Esat Uras);

2) Terrorism: Armenian terrorism victimizing Ottoman-Muslims (1860-1922, See Louise Nalbandian);

3) Treason: Armenian turncoats joining the invading enemy armies (1877-1922, See Justin McCarthy);

4) Territorial Demands: In regions where Armenians were a minority trying to establish the first apartheid

of the 20th Century (1877-1922, See Kamuran Gurun.)

5) Turkish Suffering And Losses : More than 3 million Muslims, mostly Turks, died during WWI;

1.1 million of them in Eastern Anatolia alone—half a million of them at the hands of Armenian

revolutionaries (1914-1918, see Kemal Cicek)

6) TERESET : Temporary Resettlement order of May 31, 1915. Triggered by the first five T’s above

and amply documented as such; not to be equated to the Armenian misrepresentations as genocide

(See Yusuf Halacoglu.)

If the above objective evidence, readily supplied by honest history, does not quench your thirst for the truth,

then maybe this does:

The highest court in Europe, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR ), decided in 2013 and then again

upon appeal in 2015, that the alleged Armenian genocide is an opinion, not a court verdict,

as such it cannot be held equal to Holocaust. Moreover, since it is an unproven opinion, it can be criticized and

rejected and doing so would be an act of exercise of freedom of speech. The reason why ECHR, after painstaking

scrutiny, decided that genocide was just an opinion, was because the judges noted that the Armenian narrative

lacked historical substantiation, because it ignored Armenian armed uprisings, violent revolts, ruthless terrorism,

cowardly treason, greedy territorial demands, and the resulting Turkish suffering at the hands of Armenian

revolutionaries. In other words, the alleged Armenian Genocide narrative left half the story out. Forcing such a

distorted, exaggerated, and misrepresented narrative down the throats of unsuspecting public may be possible

with propaganda and advocacy, but such efforts are useless at a court of law where the other side of the story

must be heard.

What the people need more than anything in today’s explosive world is honest research, reasoned debate, and

civilized dialogue; not name-calling, deception, demonization, polarization, and bad resolutions.

I hope you will do the right thing.


Ergun Kirlikovali

Son of Turkish Survivors of Balkan Wars of 1912

Student of history for 41 years specializing in Turkish-Armenian conflict

9741 Irvine Center Drive, Irvine, CA 92618

Cell phone: 949-878-1186


PS: As a student of history, specializing on the Turkish-Armenian conflict, I am at your

service, in-person, on-call, or in-writing, to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for seeking the truth.

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