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Surprising Facts About N.Korea

N.Korea is without a doubt the most mysterious country in the world, due to its media blackout, the strictness of its rules, and that only a handful of people are allowed access to the internet. Few outsiders are allowed in each year, and what they report back to the world is usually both alarming and bewildering, as this little country has many laws, customs and regulations we’ve never heard of. Here are some of the facts that surprised and shocked me the most about N.Korea.

North Koreans started their calendar on the date of birth of their legendary leader Kim Il-Sung.

Surprisingly, this otherwise strict country does not consider marijuana as an illegal substance, and it can be purchased there.

They hand out ballots with only one option on them. I think the results are quite predictable. But hey, elections, right?

Police officers control all traffic in the city. Of course, since only military personnel are allowed to own vehicles, it’s not that much to deal with.

The Rungnado May Day stadium contains 150,000 seats.

If a person violates a law or is sent to a prison camp, the government can punish up to 3 generations from him. That means your grandparents, parents and children can be sent to work alongside with you.

In the 1990s, all teachers were required to learn how to play accordions. Today, many citizens continue to specialize in the instrument.

Kidnapping him and his wife, Kim Jong-Il forced director Shin Sang-ok to make films for him, until the director managed to escape some years later.

Kim Il-sung is the eternal leader of N.Korea, even though his heirs rule in his place.

Apparently he has a taste for brandy…

The N.Korean central news agency reported scientists found a unicorn burial ground.

N.Korea claims their literacy rate is among the highest in the world.

It is preserved in a glass tomb for anyone to visit.

Two of them are only available on the weekend and the third only in the evening. South Korea soap operas are among the most popular things smuggled in.

They claim to operate under an ideology known as ‘Juche’, or ‘man is the master of everything and decides everything.’

You read correctly. Students are expected to cover all the costs but the teacher, causing some parents to secretly pull their kids out of school.

One of N.Korea’s only cities and home to 3 million people, only the elite, trustworthy, healthy and loyal citizens are allowed to live there.

Due to a lack of resources, N.Korea is forced to use human feces as fertilizer, demanding the product from its citizens.

Working under inhumane conditions in 16 work camps.

You may have already known this, but half of the 24 million N.Koreans don’t have access to basic human needs.

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