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While You Hear a Voice of Justice


By Azer HASRET, azer@azerhasret.com

Recently, on the day of 26th February, 2019 US Congress` Helsinki Commission Chairman Rep. Alcee L. Hastings (FL-20) raised an issue of Khojaly Massacre, perpetrated by Armenian occupant army regiments together with Russian Army`s 366th motorized unit 27 years ago. As the recent history witnesses, during this occupation and massacre operation 613 men, women, children and other innocent people of Azerbaijani nationality were brutally killed by occupant army units.

27 years has passed since Khojaly Massacre and the people of Azerbaijan always ask international community for justice and help to bring to the responsibility desk those who ordered and who implemented this act of genocide. But unfortunately many organizations and forceful actors – world leaders were not even fair towards this act of genocide.

As Azerbaijan is new democracy and looking towards new practices and challenges through the leading democracies, the people of country always are attentive to the world leader country – the United States. Even this country usually is behind democratization and bringing new values throughout the world, sometimes some voices from Washington are not fairly approaching events like Khojaly Massacre of 26th February 1992. That’s why while Hon. Alcee L. Hastings acted with statement in the House of Representatives calling “to recognize the 27th anniversary of the Khojaly Massacre” we, the people of Azerbaijan were happy to hear this. That was fair approach and an act of justice initiative.

Rising the issue, Mr. Hastings once more approved his country`s role as a major actor on the globe to bring peace and justice to humanity. We always wish to see the US like this. We believe in the mighty of the United States and we believe that this country having all opportunities can be fair mediator to solve any kind of conflicts even thousands of miles away.

While Mr. Hastings acted with the statement towards Khojaly Massacre, our belief that the perpetrators will be brought to justice were renowned again. Indeed, we want and wish to rely on US`s justice and fair approach.

We, the people of Azerbaijan and likewise countries are always alongside with those forces which are powerful and fair. And which really is in line with international rules to defend those who face injustice. In this regard Mr. Hastings` act in the House is a sign of will, which can rehabilitate belief of people of Azerbaijan. Because we were losing our belief as the US actors sometimes were ignorant towards Azerbaijani peoples` pains.

Using this opportunity we would like to express our gratitude to Mr. Hastings and call to other US Congress members to act likewise in order to help with justice to prevail. The US were and remain Azerbaijan`s ally on the globe. And Azerbaijan is the country which is trusty to its principles in combating any kind of unfair approach towards humanity. In this struggle Azerbaijan was and remain as a main ally of the United States in the region of South Caucasus and alongside geography.

In order to solve the problem of occupation of lands by neighboring Armenia Azerbaijani people look towards US`s fair approach to act more quickly and more effective. As some 1 million people of Azerbaijan are still suffering the pains of war and occupation by Armenia we look towards fair voices throughout the world. Mr. Hastings is one of the rising fair voices in this regard which surely will rehabilitate belief on the US.

Yes, Azerbaijan was very quick to respond to the US calls “in the days after September 11, 2001” to overcome the world terrorism. And Azerbaijan remains as a trusty ally in this regard. But waiting the same approach from the US side in combating occupation and inhuman approach by the aggressive neighbor – Armenia as well. In this regard Mr. Hastings voice in the US Congress was due for the hope of Azerbaijani people. And people of Azerbaijan have the right to wait more and effective efforts from the US to end with injustice in our region and bring a piece to the region of South Caucasus.

P.S. While compiling very this piece of mine I just saw an initiative by the Rep. Frank Pallone, Jr. on “Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives supporting visits and communication between the United States and the Republic of Artsakh at all levels of civil society and government”. One can be shocked while seeing this, as the US does not recognize any country under the name of “Artsakh” (Nagorno Karabakh). But political actors like Pallone always were obstacle while the US tries to act in a fair manner. Anyway we believe on US fair approach as there are politicians like Mr. Hastings who really want to contribute to peace building in our region.


Yazar Azer Hasret

Gazeteci yazar, Azerbaycan Basın Konseyi Yönetim Kurulu üyesi ve Dış İlişkiler Komisyonu başkanı. Uluslararası Basın Enstitüsü (Viyana) uyesi. Kamu TV ve Radyo Yayınları Kamu Yayın Kurulu üyesi. 03 Ağustos 1968`de Azerbaycan`ın Haçmaz ilçesine bağlı Dedeli (www.dedeli.org) köyünde doğdu. Bakü Devlet Üniversitesi mezunudur (1997). Türkçe`nin (Türkiye ve Azerbaycan) yanısıra İngiliz ve Rusça yazar, siyasi yorumcudur.

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