Politics: Turkey lifts US Ban

The US has declared that it has “mutually’ lifted its visa ban for citizens travelling to turkey. This comes after turkey expressed concern over the welfare, safety and security over its citizens and announced a restriction on all visa types for the citizens of the US who are looking to travel to turkey.

A short-lived ban which lasted just a mere three months has now seemingly come to an end. However, Turkey have disapproved the notion of providing assurances to the US. As a result, this could mean the Anatolian nation cannot guarantee that no more of its US residents will be held on suspicion of being involved in the military coup which took place on July 2016.

The relationship between Turkey and the US continues to be strained and although this particular visa ban has been lifted, future cooperation between the two nations seems undeniably equivocal. As one year ends and another begins, it will be interesting to see how ties between these two nations will unfold.

Do you believe that this visa ban was the best way forward? Do you agree with Turkeys stance on this matter?

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