Billy joe Saunders defends his WBO World middleweight title in fashion by dominating David Lemieux over the course of 12 rounds. The fight started off as competitive as fighters took some time to ‘feel’ each other out. However, as early as the second round it started to appear that the jab of Saunders was giving Lemieux trouble.

As the fight wore on, Lemieux was finding it increasingly difficult to catch the ever illusive head of Saunders. Lemieux marching forward hitting thin air was generally the theme throughout the fight and the bout concluded with a decisive victory in favor of Saunders.

Lemieux goes on to reconsider his future in the sport of boxing whilst Saunders looks to unify the division with some possible matchups for the future. Who’s next for Saunders? GGG? Canelo or Jacobs?

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