Ana sayfa Yazarlar Prof. Dr. Rıdvan Karluk


Prof. Dr. S. Rıdvan Karluk
Turgut Özal Üniversitesi
Translated by: Şadi Dinlenç, New York
21 October 2015 !
” The fact that there had ben massacres ( of Armenians) is obvious and
clear. Everyone agrees on this. Essentially, nobody denies this fact. The
important issue here is to define it ( as a genocide or not ). We will discuss this
issue at meetings within our party to reach a decision jointly at the end of these
discussions and will declare our decision openly ” said the newly appointed
Minister of European Affairs Ali Haydar Konca of the HDP Party, of the newly
established government which will rule until the Nov. 1st, 2015 elections, at the
press meeting on his first day as Minister of European Affairs.
As far as it is known, Prime Minister Davutoglu has maintained his silence
to the above statement of the Minister of European Affairs of the Republic
of Turkey. !
One wonders whom his excellency Mr. Minister has implied when he said
” Everyone agrees on this ” ? I certainly do not agree on this. Neither does Prof.
Justin McCarthy who spoke at the Symposium on the Imperialism and the
Armenian Issue, organized on April 18, 2015 in Ankara which I also attended.
Recognized worldwide in the Ottomans, the Balkans and the Middle East issues
and authored such books as ” the Muslims and the Minorities: the Population and
the End of the Ottoman Empire “, “Death and Exile ” and ” The Ethnic Cleansing
of the Ottoman Muslims”, Prof. McCarthy said during the interview he gave to
Ms. Tugba Ozgur Durmaz of the AA ( Anatolian News Agency ) on April 2014
that he looked into the matter years ago while researching on the issues such as
the population of Anatolia, the population pictures before and after the First World
War in Anatolia and that he could not ignore the historical evidences and decided
to study the claim of genocide further and deeper.
” At the end, I realized how many Turks have been killed. How did so many Turks
die ? Because they were not in war… Already 2.5 -3 million Muslims have died in
the war. The numbers forced me and I decided to study the issue deeper. I had
no specific and definite reason to study the Armenians at first and I concentrated



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