Harut Sassounian: ” Let’s Kick Genocide Denialist Bill Shuster out of Congress”

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Re: Let’s Kick Genocide Denialist Bill Shuster out of Congress

Harut Sassounian
Publisher, The California Courier

Sassounian has finally gone raving mad, attacking American Congressmen and threatening to get them chucked out of Congress. Sassounian has not only confirmed his intolerance and blood-thirsty attitude having no respect for Americans who are the hands feeding him.

Clearly Sassounian has reached the end of his useful life and hence it would be a sheer waste of time to try and warn him about beginning with the end in mind! He has been working very hard climbing on his “Genocide-Ladder” only to discover that it’s leaning on the wrong wall. What a pity and waste of efforts.

If he only took some time to carefully consider what he would want to be said about him at his funeral, then he would find the definition of his “Genocide-Success”! What is he after? Revenge, fame, achievement, land or something else?

I am totally convinced that Mr. Sassounian is hopelessly trapped in his mythological “Genocide-Paradigm”. Unless he changes the way he sees his situation, there will be no way out. If he should be looking for examples of change in paradigm, then the case of Enver Sadat (Egypt) would be ideal. He too swore never to shake an Israeli hand, as long as Israel occupied an inch of Arab land. However, having decided to change: he visited the Knesset and made the Camp David Accord possible.

Yes, it is possible Mr. Sassounian, you can do it if you want.


Kufi Seydali

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