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Ermenistanla Olan Protokol

Full text of the protocol is as follows:

“The Republic of Turkey and the Republic of Armenia,

Desiring to establish good neighbourly relations and to develop bilateral cooperation in the political, economic, cultural and other fields for the benefit of their peoples, as envisaged in the Protocol on the development of relations signed on the same day,

Referring to their obligations under the Charter of the United Nations, the Helsinki Final Act, the Charter of Paris for a New Europe,

Reconfirming their commitment, in their bilateral and international relations, to respect and ensure respect for the principles of equality, sovereignty, non-intervention in internal affairs of other states, territorial integrity and inviolability of frontiers,

Bearing in mind the importance of the creation and maintenance of an atmosphere of trust and confidence between the two countries that will contribute to the strengthening of peace, security and stability of the whole region, as well as being determined to refrain from the threat or the use of force, to promote the peaceful settlement of disputes, and to protect human rights and fundamental freedoms,

Confirming the mutual recognition of the existing border between the two countries as defined by the relevant treaties of international law,

Emphasizing their decision to open the common border,

Reiterating their commitment to refrain from pursuing any policy incompatible with the spirit of good neighbourly relations,

Condemning all forms of terrorism, violence and extremism irrespective of their cause, pledging to refrain from encouraging and tolerating such acts and to cooperate in combating against them,

Affirming their willingness to chart a new pattern and course for their relations on the basis of common interests, goodwill and in pursuit of peace, mutual understanding and harmony,

Agree to establish diplomatic relations as of the date of the entry into force of this Protocol in accordance with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961 and to exchange Diplomatic Missions.

This Protocol and the Protocol on the Development of Bilateral Relations between the Republic of Turkey and the Republic of Armenia shall enter into force on the same day, i.e. on the first day of the first month following the exchange of instruments of ratification.”


what benefits protocols bring to Turkey?

1. Image making? None. No one in the West cares if Turkish-Armenian border is opened and, excuse me, but no one in EU will open doors for this favor either.

2. Attempting to get “genocide resolutions” out of U.S. House or Senate? Foul play. It’s not Sarkisian that brings them to House, it’s the Diaspora, which does not intend to pull back. For Diaspora “genocide” is raison d’etre, and no Sarkisyan or his protocols will cure the problem, they will only prolong the bleeding.

3. Peacemaking? – Losing any trust Turkey has built in Caucasus in return to untrustworthy Armenia, rewarding it for continued occupation and harassment of its neighbors (now they heckle Georgia too). To be honest, I don’t see what Turkey has gained so far by spoiling the trust of Israel, Georgia, and now Azerbaijan in return to new friends … like Syria and Armenia.

All these protocols prove is that Turkey will step back from its principles under pressure, hope that Armenia will soften, while Armenia will not compromise an inch and Diaspora (the real plaintiff) will not recognize any commissions.



http://www.historyoftruth.com/news/nalband ian-we-prepared-the-text-and-ankara-approved-4104.html
>>> Saturday, 03 October 2009
>>> Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian stated that the text of the protocols that initialized by Turkey and Armenia on August 31 is totally written by Armenian authors. The protocols that are initialized by Turkey and Armenia towards establishment of diplomatic ties and developing bilateral relations are expected to be signed on October 10 by the Foreign Ministers of two countries in Switzerland.
>>> Addressing to Armenian Parliament, Nalbandian said, “The pro tocols that aim normalization of relations with Turkey is committed to paper by Armenian authors. Nobody in Armenia should have doubt about that. Turkish party read the text and made small and short adjustments before they approve it.”
>>> Once again making statements about Turkey’s precondition of resolution of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict for opening of borders, Armenian Foreign Minister said, “The process of normalization of relations with Turkey is substantially the initiative of Armenian President Serzh Sarksyan . Sarksyan clearly said to Turkish party before the dialog starts that the dialogue can be held without preconditions only. And Ankara accepted Sarksyan’s offer. There was not any precondition about Nagorno-Karabakh and there will not be.”
>>> When he is asked whether Armenia will be recognizing Turkey’s territorial integrity indirectly by signing the protocols, Nalbandian said, “If you are getting prepared to establish diplomatic relations with a country, the first thing you have to do is recognizing current borders. There is not another way.”
>>> Criticizing some circles in Armenia that still discuss the treaty of Sevres, Armenian Minister said, “If anybody comes up with only oneclause of Sevres that is on effect now, then our administration will do everything that i t can to defend our interests., butthere is not.The documents of Wilson have no effect. U. S. Congress did not approve treaty of Sevres too.”

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