Bu yazıya tepki verilmesi gerekli – TO THE ANTI-KURDISH WORLD

From: Meltemb [meltem@earthlink.net] Bu yaziya tepki verilmesi gerekli

A collective civil uprising against fascist oppression is taking place at this very moment, but there is no mention of it anywhere in the mainstream or even alternative media!!! Millions of Kurds are right now on their feet and marching for liberation from the terror state of Turkey.  For five long days millions of Kurds are marching and demonstrating for the most basic human rights, but the whole world has turned a blind eye.  Turkey is the open-air concentration camp for the Kurdish people. The Turkish military occupies our homelands for decades, tortures and kills innocent people just because they don’t want to call themselves Turks, terrorizes and murders us because we want to be free Kurds. And the anti-Kurdish world supports their fascist terror and genocidal crimes.

The leader of the Kurdish Liberation Movement, Mr. Ocalan, was captured by those who call themselves “democrats” and the “civilized world” and was handed over to our oppressors, the Turkish military and state.  For 109 years he is kept in a Turkish dungeon, subjected to psychological and physical torture.  Why? His crime was that he wanted to be a free Kurd, to speak his native language freely, to live his own native culture in freedom.  His crime was that he wanted the Kurds to have the same rights as all the other nations have and enjoy fully.

By turning a blind eye the West has become accomplice of the Turks of never-before witnessed terror, evil, injustice.  Together they are against the freedom of Kurds and Kurdistan; together they want us to remain in slavery forever.

We see how they made the terror state of Turkey a member of the Security Council. This is like spitting into our faces, beating our heads, cutting our hands and throats. It is open support of murder and genocide.

But the Kurds are waking up.  We will no longer accept this global anti-Kurdish hatred.  We do not accept living in slavery any longer. We want to be free in our own ancient homelands.  We want to be free from the terror regime of the conquerors and occupiers. We want to be free from this racial hatred and violence.  We want peace and freedom for our children.  We want the freedom of being Kurds, we want the freedom of Kurdistan, we want to live in dignity and honour!!!

Now the fascists and their anti-Kurdish supporters have two choices:  They either accept the reality and existence of the Kurdish nation and thus they accept their natural and god-given rights as a cistinct people, with their distinct culture and language and recognize and accept the sanctity of their homelands by accepting our offer for peaceful negotiations and settlement  or else they must carry out full-scale genocide against the Kurdish people.

They should know and decide because for us there will be no alternative than liberation.

I’m Kurdish, and thus I don’t have a place to call my homeland. My ancient country, Kurdistan, has been under occupation for centuries by barbaric forces. They are against a free Kurdistan, against free Kurds, against freedom and democracy. The West supports them and the brutal status quo. They set up most of the local regimes as puppets, trained and equipped their armies to maintain the status quo: Exploitation and control of the energy resources. They don’t want a change of this status quo of terror and injustice, they don’t want freedom, democracy, justice for the region. I want to inform the public about the injustices done to my people and my country with real and relevant information, by serving truth – something the elite and corporate controlled media of the West will never do.


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