"Ornek ve oncu" olmak ITU'lunun karakteridir!

Sevgili Mezunlar,

Universitemizin eski guzel gunlerdeki gibi en cok tercih edilen bir Universite olmasi hepimizin ortak hedefidir. Universiteniz sizin eviniz, ITU camiasi ise ailenizdir. Evinizin ve ailenizin her isine karisiniz,Universitenizi sahiplenerek gelismesine katkida bulununuz. Yasadiginiz altin cagi bizden sonrakilere yasatacak yeni atilimlari gerceklestirmek icin Universitenizi yalniz birakmayiniz.

Prof.Dr. Gulsun Saglamer - Rektor


ITU'nun Oncu Ornek Yonunu Gostermek Uzere Siz de Katilin Bizlere!..
Hep beraber ve butun gucumuzle Universitemizin (Ailemizin) yardimina kosalim, onu gelistirmek, sihhatlendirmek ve yukseltmek icin el ele, omuz omuza calisalim.

To show ITU's Sample Side, Come and join to our Association!..
All together and with all our power, let's work hand in hand to help, improve, cure and enhance our University (our Family).

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Help keep the ITU family strong by joining the ITU Alumni Association International. Still not sure if you should join? Why not? The benefits are wonderful and your membership money helps sponsor some incredible programs. What to learn more about Membership... then visit our Infomation page here.

In order to submit your application using the On-line Membership Application Form, you need a form capable browser. If you do not have a form capable browser such as Netscape or Ms Internet Explorer, you can then use the Off-line Membership Application Form which will be posted to your e-mail address. You can either print it out and send it to the address given below or fax it to ().

When we receive your application form, we will send you an ID number and a password to allow you to access your record in the database. Your friends will then get a chance to locate you using the search engine. Feel free to use it anytime to contact with your classmates. Currently, we do not require a password to use the search engine.

Now it's time to become a member, choose your application form and join us...

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