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Visiting Fellowships

ITU offers annual "Visiting Fellowships" for research and teaching purposes and provides residential accomodation up to one to two semesters.

Applications for the first and second half of academic year 1997/98 should be submitted not later than September 15, 1997 and November 15, 1997, respectively. ITU reserves the right to request additional information about applicants.

Research Activities

The Visiting Fellowships provide scholars with opportunity of conducting their research activities in the environment of ITU laboratories. The university gives great importance to research as can be understood from the number and variety of applied and theoretical research centers listed below :

[See also current projects.]

Visiting Fellows also have the opportunity of interacting with post-graduate students in their own discipline and over a wide range of research area studied by post-grad. students at ITU. Visiting Fellows and their families are welcomed to participate cultural activities and informal meetings.

Previleges of Visiting Fellows

Accomodation is allocated for Visiting Fellows. It is the purpose of ITU to make Visiting Fellows feel at home; they will be encouraged to make full use of any of its facilities that appeal them and join in the intellectual, social and sporting life of the graduate community.

Accomodation for Visiting Fellows

Apartment flats will be allocated to Visiting Fellows at reasonable rates. These premises are conveniently located in the main campus and downtown areas.
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Other details about ITU

Application Procedure for Visiting Fellowships

Applicants should submit 3 copies of their applications for circulation to :
Applications should include the following information: