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    On 29 September 2010, 108 years to the day after Zola’s death, the ongoing disaster called Turkey received yet another Pinochet-style shock in its struggle to retain its secularity.

  • One day Turkey will run the EU

    28 September 2010 Die Presse Vienna Hassan Bleibel, Al Mustaqbal (Beirut) Turkey isn’t even a member yet, but deputy prime minister Ali Babacan is already demanding a leading role in Europe for his country. All you have to do is look at Turkey’s economic and demographic growth to see it’s likely to get what it […]

  • A Heart of Darkness Envelopes Turkey: A Letter to President Obama (20 July 2010) English/Turkish

    JAMES C. RYAN, Ph.D. [Letterhead Redacted] 20 July 2010 The Honorable Barack H. Obama  President of the United States The White House  1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW  Washington, DC 20500  USA Dear Mr. President: Truth is still on the march in Turkey; the lies and treachery of the present government are in plain sight. But justice […]

  • Exiled Turkish politician’s relatives trace his footsteps on trip to Malta

    Claudia Calleja Almost a century after a Turkish politician was exiled to Malta, his five great-grandchildren and their families are visiting the island aboard a boat they call home. Curious to see the island where their ancestor was imprisoned for 21 months, their trip to Malta is really part of their farewell to Hulda, the […]

  • The Submarine Deals That Helped Sink Greece

    The Wall Street Journal JULY 10, 2010 By CHRISTOPHER RHOADS ATHENS–As Greece slashes spending to avoid default, it hasn’t moved to skimp on one area: defense. The deeply indebted Mediterranean nation, whose financial crisis roiled the global financial system this year, is spending more than a billion euros on two submarines from Germany. It’s also […]