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  • Kiev Cross Procession unites thousands of supporters of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine

    The Procession of the parishioners and priests of the Ukraine Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) held on July 27 in Kiev to mark the 1033th anniversary of Christianization of Rus’ gathered about 100 thousand of participants. According to journalists covering the event, there were actually a lot more people. This only shows that most Ukrainians support […]

  • Ukraine’s another Church dissent is on edge

    The Ukrainian Orthodox Church has blamed Volodymyr Zelensky for pressure by the authorities. Its followers hoped to end persecution with the new Ukrainian President coming to power. Yet, Zelensky who stayed away from the Church affairs during the first months of his presidential term is taking on the course on further Church dissent started by […]

  • Ukraine’s struggle for “independent” church: is the deal really worth it?

    The Ukrainian Orthodox Church continues a struggle for becoming fully self-governing, or autocephalous, and is seeking the support of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople. Yet, Ecumenical Patriarch Dimitri Bartholomew said he was not happy with the failure of Ukraine President Pytro Poroshenko to invite 25 ruling bishops to join a new formation of the Orthodox Church […]

  • John Kerry Wants More Seminaries . . . in Turkey

    Tristyn K. Bloom | @tristyn_bloom AFP: US Secretary of State John Kerry urged Turkey on Sunday to re-open Orthodox clergy schools near Istanbul that authorities have kept closed for more than 40 years. “It is our hope that the Halki seminary will open,” Kerry said during a press conference in Istanbul after two days of talks on […]

  • Istanbul mayor: Reconstruction of Bulgarian St. Stephen Church kicked off

    Istanbul mayor: Reconstruction of Bulgarian St. Stephen Church kicked off FOCUS News Agency Sofia. “Work on the reconstruction of the Bulgarian St. Stephen Church in Istanbul has started,” said Mayor of Istanbul Kadir Topbas said at the meeting with Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova, FOCUS News Agency reporter informs. “We started the work on the reconstruction […]