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  • Why War in Ukraine is Causing Apocalyptic Famine

    Why War in Ukraine is Causing Apocalyptic Famine

    Ukrayna’daki Savaş Neden Kıyamet Kıtlığına Neden Oluyor? This is David Beasley. He’s the man who currently runs the united nations world food program the largest humanitarian organization in the world that is focused on global hunger and food security. Listen to what he has to say. During this speech back […]

  • How Global Investors Make Money Out of Hunger

    Speculating with Lives By Horand Knaup, Michaela Schiessl and Anne Seith In recent years, the financial markets have discovered the huge opportunities presented by agricultural commodities. The consequences are devastating, as speculators drive up food prices and plunge millions of people into poverty. But investors care little about the effects of their deals […]