“The Armenian Triumph in Istanbul” book is published

“Chess in Armenia” has published a new book by Gaguik Oganessian – “The Armenian Triumph in Istanbul”. This book is dedicated to the wonderful victory of the Armenian National Team in the 40th World Chess Olympiad. Armchess.am informs about this.

The author, who himself was following this great sport event, presents the most interesting episodes of the Olympiad, the details of the Armenian chess players’ performances with the eyes of a witness.

All the games played in Istanbul by the Armenian Olympic champions – Levon Aronian, Sergei Movsesian, Vladimir Akopian, Gabriel Sargissian, Tigran Petrosian, response from the Armenian Diaspora, important materials that represent the history of Olympiads as well as numerous color photos are included in this book.

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Online-Chess Tournament between two selected teams of Cologne and Istanbul

How are new ideas born? In many cases, new ideas need a reason. The 12 year old Cologne Chess Club ‚ Satranç Club 2000‘ has been founded from turkish originated players and is now containing players from several countries. In 2008, the club organized a tournament, reffering to the Dresden Chess Olympiad. This time, the 2012 Istanbul Olympiad is a new, excellent reason for a new event.

Additionally to this: Cologne and Istanbul are twinned cities since 15 years. In 1997, the cologne mayor Norbert Burger and the Istanbul mayor Recep Tayyip Erdogan (now primeminister of the Turkish republic) signed the cooperation document. Since that year, the Cologne Istanbul Urban Partnership Association has been founded in order to look after good relationships between the two cities.

When Güven Manay from the Satranç Club 2000 contacted his friends from the board of the Cologne Istanbul Partnership Club, Walter Kluth (Cologne Muncipal Council from 1989-2009) and Monika Bongartz, it has been decided to plan an online chess tournament between two selected teams from Cologne and Istanbul).

But what makes the difference between this Online tournament and others? Both are sitting in one Room and not, like normally in online tournaments, anonymously at home.

Because Walter Kluth is also the board of a educational institution, he found immediately a training classroom, containing several computers. I.e. the Cologne team found a tournament location within a very short time.

Güven Manay informed now both the Turkish Chess Federation and the German one. Both were excited about this initiative. Now, the President of the Istanbul Chess Federation, Fuat Ergür, has been contacted. He arranged the contact to the 1943 founded Chess Club ‘Istanbul Satranc Dernegi’ in Istanbul – Sisli.

The 12th of August has been chosen for this event. Because of summer holidays in North Rhine-Westphalia, it turned out difficult to find appropriate players. Many very strong players, even grandmasters, were out of town. Hence, the Istanbul Chess Federation offered to adapt the strength level of their team to the Cologne one.

The tournament online arbiter from Chessbase was fit and proper regarding this event: It is Women Fide Master Emine Yanik Süral. She grew up in Germany and is living in Turkey currently. Interestingly, the Cologne team contained a former trainer of her from the nineties. It’s a small world!

The cologne team members Eneida Peres (Member of the Dominican Republic Olympic Team in Istanbul) and International Master Norbert Lücke also attracted interest on themselves.

The tournament day:

After a short opening ceremony, led by Walter Kluth, Güven Manay and the recently elected president of the Cologne Chess Federation, Andreas Gerdau, the tournament started.

Always expect the unexpected: Both teams needed to change their members slightly on very short notice. A thunderstorm in Istanbul caused a traffic jam and difficulties with the Internet access. Depite all adversities, the start button has been pressed for a nice and exciting competition.

Cologne gained the lead very quickly on board 7. Board 9 of Istanbul won also after half an hour then. Board 2 drew and then the state of game was: Cologne-Istanbul: 1,5:1,5. After a while, Cologne lost three games in a row and it stood 1,5:4,5 against them! Now a high defeat of the Cologne Team was likely. But the Cologne reared up now: Three of their members won their endgames in a row against Istanbul. But Cologne lost the last game on board 6 and Istanbul won the match. A good practice for both team players before the new season / Olympiad and a good season prep for everyone.

The audience (which has been a mixture of physically present audience and virtual visitor in Playchess) was pleased. Thanks to everyone who supported! And why not a friendly rematch one day?

With the best wishes from Cologne to Istanbul for the organization of the chess Olympiad from 27 August to 10 September!

Turkey’s Yildiz shocks world champion Hou Yifan

Kazan GP: Turkey’s Yildiz shocks world champion Hou Yifan

11.06.2012 – It was the top against the bottom seed, the highest rated against the lowest rated player in the event. But Turkish law student WGM Betul Cemre Yildiz, playing with the black pieces, profited from a time trouble blunder by her opponent, Chinese GM Hou Yifan and finished the reigning women’s world champion off in 34 moves. We bring you an illustrated report after round two.

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Young chess champ is always on the move


Aydin Turgut takes a moment to think before making his next move. (Herald & Review/Lisa Morrison)
Aydin Turgut takes a moment to think before making his next move. (Herald & Review/Lisa Morrison)

DECATUR – As he’ll quickly say, Aydin Turgut is 6½ years old, and he does not like to lose.

He especially does not like to lose when it comes to chess, whether he’s playing his father, Tansel Turgut, a world-ranked correspondence chess player, or whether he’s competing against any one else, such as those he faced when he became state champion in the Illinois State Scholastic K-8 Chess Championship tournament in March. Aydin brought home a seven games/seven wins record in his age division, competing with 88 players in time-controlled 30-minute matches.

Aydin, a McGaughey School first grader, also came in first in his age group in the blitz – five-minute chess match – tournament, this time competing with 90 players. He shared third place in the kindergarten-to-eighth-grade level overall.

“One of the games I won, and I had nine seconds left,” said Aydin, recalling the 30-minute games. He’s proud that among those other first graders he defeated is the son of a chess grand master who lives in Chicago.

“He doesn’t play video games,” said his father. “He plays chess. He does a little bit of piano. He does a little bit of tennis,” and there is some soccer in the mix, as well. But Aydin’s routine, and down time in the classroom, relies heavily on chess. School mornings involve a half hour of chess and chess problem-solving before catching the school bus.

In problem solving, said his mother, Ava Turgut, chess pieces are positioned, and then the player has to come up with the best way to solve the problem. She said sending along chess to occupy Aydin’s nonclasswork time is a good way of avoiding any problems with boredom.

“(Aydin) loves competition,” she said, adding she quit playing against him about a year ago and he has now passed on his red and blue chess set to his younger brother, Kaya, 3, who moves pieces around with their sister, Ella, 1½.

Now, Aydin goes on in May to the National Elementary (K-6) Championship in Dallas, Texas. In last year’s nationals, his father said, there were 300 competitors in Aydin’s age group.

Asked if he has a chess hero, Aydin grinned, then pointed at his father, though he also named a couple of others he admires.

Tansel Turgut is the highest ranking correspondence chess player in the United States, and he’s continuing competition in a tournament which began a couple of years ago and will probably last another year.

In a recent match against his father, Aydin and Tansel Turgut played to a draw. It soon became apparent Aydin doesn’t like draws, either.

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5th Intercultural Chess Tournament


5th Intercultural Chess Tournament Satranç Club 2000

It is already 50 years ago: On 30th October 1961, the Federal Republic of Germany and the Turkish Republic joined the agreement for the recruitment of labours. In remembrance to this anniversary, there has been many miscellaneous activities all over Germany. The intercultural Chess Club “Satranç Club 2000“ is very experienced in these kind of events, not least because they have already organized the tournament for the 40th anniversary 10 years ago. After this, they have organized many other intercultural chess events.

The Satranç Club has been founded in the year 2000 from turkish originated members and now, many other nations are part of the club. Hence the club is realising the FIDE motto “Gens una Sumus” (We are one family).

On Tuesday, the 1st November 2011, the Club organized the 5th run of its consuetudinary Intercultural Rapid Chess Tournament, which became an inherent part of the cologne tournament calendar. The Turkish consul general, Mr. Mustafa Kemal Basa, donated additional material prizes for the tournament winners. In addition to this, a representative from the sociology faculty of the Cologne University joined the tournament location to collect information for the study “Migrants in Germany”.

In the previous week, it was the first time that an active member of the Satranç Club, Mr. Sava Gavrilov, died. The tournament began with a minute’s silence in memory of him.

At the end the tournament, the tournament leader Izzet Yilmaz announced the tournament result, which has been the closest run in this tournaments history:

Ranking after final round:

Pl. Name IRtg Team Pnts 1 1/2 0 Bhlz SoBe Kat

1 Haskelman Eugen 2201 Ford-SF 5.50 5 1 1 32.00 23.75

2 Johannes Alexander 2124 Satranç 5.50 5 1 1 30.00 23.00

3 Peters Alex 2144 Brühler 5.50 4 3 0 27.50 21.50

4 Goldenstein Arnd 1983 Klub Köl 5.50 5 1 1 27.50 19.75

5 Münster Kirsten van 2109 KSK Dr. 5.00 4 2 1 34.50 23.75

6 Krauth Alexander 2031 Klub Köl 5.00 4 2 1 30.00 20.50

7 Philipp Stephan 1941 Fideler 5.00 4 2 1 29.50 18.75

8 Schunk Thomas Dr. 2238 Ford-SF 5.00 4 2 1 27.00 18.50 S

9 Eising Johannes 2115 SG Porz 5.00 4 2 1 27.00 18.00 S

10 Perez-Lücke Eneida 1979 vereinsl 4.50 4 1 2 31.50 18.75

11 Bub Volker 2094 SC Torna 4.50 4 1 2 29.50 16.75

12 Langen Dirk 1784 Satranç 4.50 4 1 2 26.50 15.00

13 Foth Stefan 0 vereinsl 4.50 3 1 2 26.00 13.50

14 Mann Günter 1773 Bergisch 4.00 3 2 2 31.50 16.00 S

15 Eilers Jochen 2007 Bergisch 4.00 3 2 2 31.00 15.75

16 Werner Michael 1974 Düsseldo 4.00 3 2 2 30.00 14.50

17 Jansen Kurt 1453 Sülz-Kle 4.00 3 2 2 28.50 14.75 S

18 Selimi Burim 0 Satranç 4.00 4 0 3 27.50 13.50

19 Kuhn Helmut 1564 SF Gerre 4.00 4 0 3 25.00 12.00

20 Natzschka Holger 1660 vereinsl 4.00 4 0 3 24.50 10.00

21 Heider Arno 1567 SG Kalke 4.00 2 4 1 23.50 11.75 S

22 Reinartz Ulrich 1667 vereinsl 4.00 3 2 2 23.50 10.25 S

23 Knütter Helmut 1632 Sülz-Kle 4.00 3 2 2 23.00 11.50 S

24 Kronseder Michael 1432 Hürth-Be 4.00 4 0 3 21.50 8.00 S

25 Duraku Sherif 0 Satranç 4.00 3 0 3 21.00 8.75

26 Osta Muhammed Enes 1049 Satranç 4.00 4 0 3 18.50 7.00 J

27 Meinhardt Günter 1669 SF Köln- 3.50 3 1 3 28.50 11.25 S

28 Rieger Isabelle 1442 Fideler 3.50 3 1 3 25.00 10.75 J

29 Röttgers Roland 1736 Fideler 3.50 3 1 3 25.00 10.50

30 Runte Dirk 1576 Fideler 3.50 3 1 3 21.50 9.00

31 Faethe Peter 0 vereinsl 3.00 3 0 4 29.50 11.00 S

32 Aslan Nesimi 1451 Satranç 3.00 3 0 4 24.50 7.50

33 Pohl Stefan 1379 Klub Köl 3.00 2 2 3 23.00 8.25 J

34 Abbasov Amil 1472 Wittekin 3.00 2 2 3 23.00 7.00 J

35 Brausewetter Jörg 1469 vereinsl 3.00 2 2 3 22.50 7.75 S

36 Felsmann Helmut 1407 ISVF Eik 3.00 3 0 4 22.50 6.00

37 Kämmerling Ulrich 0 vereinsl 3.00 1 4 2 22.00 8.25

38 Baltic Fatih 1253 SV Lende 3.00 3 0 4 22.00 7.00 J

39 Meier Franz 1452 Ford-SF 2.50 2 1 4 26.50 6.50 S

40 Akpinar Abuzer 1418 Satranç 2.50 2 1 4 25.00 7.50

41 Simsek Cem 0 Klub Köl 2.50 2 1 4 22.00 6.00 J

42 Zengin Mehmet 0 Satranç 2.50 2 1 4 20.50 6.00

43 Segura Cerveto Jose 0 Satranç 2.50 1 1 4 17.00 2.75

44 Mehner Matthias 918 SF Köln- 2.50 2 1 4 14.50 2.00 S

45 Azimi Reza 1410 Schachuz 2.00 2 0 5 21.00 2.00 S

46 Schütz Samson 1151 Fideler 2.00 2 0 5 20.00 2.00 J

47 Gosebrink Roland 0 vereinsl 2.00 1 0 5 19.00 2.25

48 Abbasov Ümid 759 Wittekin 2.00 1 0 5 17.00 1.25 J

49 Osta Ömer 0 Satranç 2.00 2 0 5 17.00 1.00 J

50 Secen Seref 0 Satranç 1.00 0 0 6 19.00 0.25

51 Bakirci Baris 0 vereinsl 1.00 0 0 6 14.50 0.25 J

The tournament winner from 2008, IM Eugen Haskelman, won again. This time with a very slight advantage of 2 Buchholz points to the runner-up representative of the hosting club, Alexander Johannes and to the third Alex Peters. Dr. Thomas Schunk became the senior award and the always positive and upbeat 13 years old Muhammed Enes Osta (also a member from Satranç Club) became the most successful youth player.

The president Güven Manay and the tournament leader Izzet Yilmaz presented the prices (cups, certificates and material prices) to the winners with many thanks to all organizers and helpers.

One week later, the club hosted the Cologne preliminary competition to the German Chess cup (Dähnepokal), which has been won the first time from Alex Johannes, which means the first time from a member of the Satranç Club.

The Satranç Club (Satranç is the Turkish word for chess) is open to chess companions from all nations, all strengths of play and age groups. The club is providing a pleasant and familiar ambience and is located in the center of cologne.

You can contact the club here: [email protected] oder [email protected].

Web page: www.satranc.de.vu