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    Yesterday, clearly, directly, in a street-theater performance, Turkish “boyz” encountered American “boyz” in the Turkish “hood.” The US embassy in Turkey called the incident “appalling.” What is appalling is the embassy’s ignorance and arrogance.


    How irresponsible of the prime minister and the general staff! Indeed, it was the height of reckless ignorance. Now it’s zero friends and nothing but enemies for Turkey. And no way out. Due to its cheap thinking and small-minded bargaining, to say nothing about the destruction of the Turkish army, navy and air force, Turkey cannot even defend the borders that its politicians have erased. So a role in a broader plan? What plan? No role, in anything. How Turkey will recover from this domestic and international fiasco is beyond my understanding.

  • A Cast-Iron Church In Istanbul

    by Sean McLachlan This church on the shoreline of Istanbul looks ornate yet pretty normal – that is until you go up and take a closer look. The Bulgarian St. Stephen Church isn’t made of stone but rather of cast iron. It’s a rare survival of a 19th-century craze in prefab cast-iron churches.Also known as the Bulgarian Iron […]

  • Turkey files 307 applications for opening polling stations for Bulgaria early elections

    Sofia. There are 307 initially filed applications for opening of polling stations for the Bulgarian parliamentary elections in Turkey, announced spokesperson of the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry, Dimitar Yaprakov, speaking at a briefing, FOCUS News Agency reporter informed. “There will be at least two polling stations in Istanbul. Polling stations will be definitely opened in Bursa, […]

  • Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey: The Syrian refugees at Europe’s gateway

    A letter from the border. BY REBECCA OMONIRA-OYEKANMI A Syrian women and her son wait for help to erect their tent at a refugee camp in Bab al-Salam on the Syria-Turkey border. Photograph: Getty Images A question for the European politicians thrashing out a plan to provide“assistance” to Syria: if a bedraggled Syrian escapes the war, if […]

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