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  • Video: Kyrgyzstan Wins First Pan-Turkic Pop Contest

    Move over Eurovision: A 22-year-old from Kyrgyzstan has won Turkish state television’s first-ever “Eurasia Star” pop music competition, held in Istanbul, returning home with $30,000. After two weeks and six rounds of performances, a unanimous panel of judges, and fans voting by text message, chose Guljigit Kalykov the winner on […]

  • From Dictatorship to Democracy

    This book is a great work in its own right. In terms of real-world impact, it measures above Thomas Paine’s writings, having been used by non-violent movements in dictatorships around the world. It is also a good introduction to study of nonviolent movements, before diving into all 902 pages of “Politics of […]

  • Turkey seeks to institutionalize relations with Turkic republics

    CEREN KUMOVA / AYDIN ALBAYRAK, ANKARA As the 20th anniversary of independence arrives for the Turkic republics, Turkey is reviewing its connections with the countries it deems “brothers,” looking for a more institutionalized touch that speaks more to the mind than to the heart. Although these countries, namely Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, […]


    Republic of Turkey , born from the ashes of a 600-year Empire and having the character of independence , has pioneered many freedom movements which resulted with the establishment of new free countries within the first half of 20th century . The founders of the Republic under the leadership of […]

  • Kyrgyz police detain Turkish journalist as terror suspect

    Moscow – Police in the Central Asian nation Kyrgyzstan have detained a Turkish journalist suspected of ties with Islamist terrorist groups, according to Wednesday news reports. Agents acting on orders from Kyrgyzstan’s national security council arrested Turkish national Ali Osman Zor on May 2 in response to a request from […]