Fethullah Gulen: Turkey’s Eroding Democracy


SAYLORSBURG, Pa. — It is deeply disappointing to see what has become of Turkey in the last few years. Not long ago, it was the envy of Muslim-majority countries: a viable candidate for the European Union on its path to becoming a functioning democracy that upholds universal human rights, gender equality, the rule of law and the rights of Kurdish and non-Muslim citizens. This historic opportunity now appears to have been squandered as Turkey’s ruling party, known as the A.K.P., reverses that progress and clamps down on civil society, media, the judiciary and free enterprise.

Turkey’s current leaders seem to claim an absolute mandate by virtue of winning elections. But victory doesn’t grant them permission to ignore the Constitution or suppress dissent, especially when election victories are built on crony capitalism and media subservience. The A.K.P.’s leaders now depict every democratic criticism of them as an attack on the state. By viewing every critical voice as an enemy — or worse, a traitor — they are leading the country toward totalitarianism.

The latest victims of the clampdown are the staff, executives and editors of independent media organizations who were detained and are now facing charges made possible by recent changes to the laws and the court system. The director of one of the most popular TV channels, arrested in December, is still behind bars. Public officials investigating corruption charges have also been purged and jailed for simply doing their jobs. An independent judiciary, a functioning civil society and media are checks and balances against government transgressions. Such harassment sends the message that whoever stands in the way of the ruling party’s agenda will be targeted by slander, sanctions and even trumped-up charges.

Turkey’s rulers have not only alienated the West, they are also now losing credibility in the Middle East. Turkey’s ability to assert positive influence in the region depends not only on its economy but also on the health of its own democracy.

The core tenets of a functioning democracy — the rule of law, respect for individual freedoms — are also the most basic of Islamic values bestowed upon us by God. No political or religious leader has the authority to take them away. It is disheartening to see religious scholars provide theological justification for the ruling party’s oppression and corruption or simply stay silent. Those who use the language and symbols of religious observance but violate the core principles of their religion do not deserve such loyalty from religious scholars.

Speaking against oppression is a democratic right, a civic duty and for believers, a religious obligation. The Quran makes clear that people should not remain silent in the face of injustice: “O you who believe! Be upholders and standard-bearers of justice, bearing witness to the truth for God’s sake, even though it be against your own selves, or parents or kindred.”

For the past 50 years, I have been fortunate to take part in a civil society movement, sometimes referred to as Hizmet, whose participants and supporters include millions of Turkish citizens. These citizens have committed themselves to interfaith dialogue, community service, relief efforts and making life-changing education accessible. They have established more than 1,000 modern secular schools, tutoring centers, colleges, hospitals and relief organizations in over 150 countries. They are teachers, journalists, businessmen and ordinary citizens.

The rhetoric used by the ruling party repeatedly to crack down on Hizmet participants is nothing but a pretext to justify their own authoritarianism. Hizmet participants have never formed a political party nor have they pursued political ambitions. Their participation in the movement is driven by intrinsic rewards, not extrinsic ones.

I have spent over 50 years preaching and teaching the values of peace, mutual respect and altruism. I’ve advocated for education, community service and interfaith dialogue. I have always believed in seeking happiness in the happiness of others and the virtue of seeking God’s pleasure in helping His people. Whatever influence is attributed to me, I have used it as a means to promote educational and social projects that help nurture virtuous individuals. I have no interest in political power.

Many Hizmet participants, including me, once supported the ruling party’s agenda, including the 2005 opening of accession negotiations with the European Union. Our support then was based on principle, as is our criticism today. It is our right and duty to speak out about government policies that have a deep impact on society. Unfortunately, our democratic expression against public corruption and authoritarianism has made us victims of a witch-hunt; both the Hizmet movement and I are being targeted with hate speech, media smear campaigns and legal harassment.

Like all segments of Turkish society, Hizmet participants have a presence in government organizations and in the private sector. These citizens cannot be denied their constitutional rights or be subjected to discrimination for their sympathy to Hizmet’s ideals, as long as they abide by the laws of the country, the rules of their institutions and basic ethical principles. Profiling any segment of society and viewing them as a threat is a sign of intolerance.

We are not the only victims of the A.K.P.’s crackdown. Peaceful environmental protesters, Kurds, Alevis, non-Muslim citizens and some Sunni Muslim groups not aligned with the ruling party have suffered, too. Without checks and balances, no individual or group is safe from the ruling party’s wrath. Regardless of their religious observance, citizens can and should unite around universal human rights and freedoms, and democratically oppose those who violate them.

Turkey has now reached a point where democracy and human rights have almost been shelved. I hope and pray that those in power reverse their current domineering path. In the past the Turkish people have rejected elected leaders who strayed from a democratic path. I hope they will exercise their legal and democratic rights again to reclaim the future of their country.

Muslims Discovered Mercedes!

Erdogan Can Turkey under Erdoğan any longer be deemed a reliable western ally?

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Raids against opposition journalists, ex-police chiefs and investigators highlight how far president has distanced Turkey from west
In response to a critical statement from Brussels about Turkey’s joining the EU, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said: ‘Please keep your wisdom to yourself.’ Photograph: Kayhan Ozer/AP

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s politics of paranoia has taken another ugly twist with the arrest of more than 30 opposition journalists, media workers, former police chiefs and investigators on palpably flimsy conspiracy charges. The Turkish president’s latest coup – nobody in Istanbul doubts he personally ordered the nationwide raids – highlights a bigger, awkward question for the EU and the US: can Turkey under Erdoğan any longer be deemed a reliable, democratic western ally?

The weekend raids targeted Zaman newspaper, whose editor-in-chief, Ekrem Dumanli, was among those detained, and other media outlets allegedly engaged in “forgery and slander”. Fierce condemnation quickly followed. Opposition leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu called them “a coup against democracy”. The US said judicial independence and due process were at risk. Erdoğan must take care “not [to] violate these core values and Turkey’s own democratic foundations,” it said.

A critical statement from Brussels underscored long-held concerns that Erdoğan and his neo-Islamist Justice and Development party (AKP) are no longer serious about joining the EU. “This operation goes against European values and standards Turkey aspires to be part of,” it said.

Erdoğan’s acerbic response on Monday suggested the EU’s concerns were justified. His enemies had launched “dirty operations” against him, so deserved what they got. “They cry press freedom, but (the raids) have nothing to do with it. We have no concern about what the EU might say, whether the EU accepts us as members or not, we have no such concern. Please keep your wisdom to yourself,” he said.

Crowds supporting the Zaman journalists held banners outside the newspaper’s offices saying “The free press cannot be silenced”. But that is not wholly true. Erdoğan, elected president this year after three consecutive terms as prime minister dating back to 2003, exercises de facto control over most of Turkey’s mainstream media, as well as parliament, the courts and the security services.

His intimidation and suppression of independent journalism, and his zero tolerance for criticism from whatever quarter, are notorious. During the Gezi street protests in 2013, which were brutally repressed, he railed against Twitter and other social media and briefly tried to ban them. Turkey’s human rights record, especially its unequal treatment of its Kurdish minority, is a stain on the country’s reputation, as a recent Human Rights Watch report made clear.

A focus of Erdoğan’s ire is corruption allegations that surfaced a year ago this month, implicating his associates, government ministers and their families. The president blamed a conspiracy allegedly masterminded by Fetullah Gülen, an influential former ally and fellow devotee of Islam now exiled in the US, and claimed he was the victim of a coup attempt. Corruption is a serious problem in Turkey, according to Transparency International. But last year’s investigation has now been dropped, its protagonists punished or sacked.

Erdoğan has levelled similar accusations in the past at the Turkish armed forces (which have a history of coup-making), and has mounted large-scale purges and mass trials. Ahmet Davutoğlu, Erdoğan’s prime minister, described the latest arrests as an “examination” of loyalty to the Turkish republic. “This is a day of tests. We are trying to protect democracy and everyone will get his share of the bill or reward due to their stances,” he said.

In truth, Erdoğan was imposing a test of loyalty to himself, critics replied. “What examination?” asked columnist Yusuf Kanli. “Those who align with ‘democracy’ or engage in an allegiance relationship with the government would be rewarded, while those who exercise the fundamental right to criticise, that is, oppose the government in any manner, would be severely punished. Can this mentality be reconciled with the notion of democracy?”

Erdoğan was ignoring the politically impartial, non-executive presidential role prescribed by the Turkish constitution and was instead accumulating ever greater powers – and nobody appeared able to stop him, said Hurriyet newspaper’s Nuray Mert. “The prime minister seems to be his assistant … [Erdoğan] behaves like a supreme leader.”

Comparisons between Erdoğan’s paranoid authoritarianism and Russia’s similarly insecure, home-grown autocrat, Vladimir Putin, are now commonplace. And they are matched by shifts in Turkey’s geopolitical orientation, symbolised by a new gas supply deal with Moscow coinciding with the cancellation of Russia’s South Stream gas project with the EU. At a recent summit Putin and Erdoğan pledged to treble bilateral trade by 2020.

At the same time, Erdoğan continues to indulge in fierce anti-western rhetoric, and to withhold full cooperation with the US and British air campaign against Islamic State (Isis) in Iraq and Syria – despite Turkey’s Nato treaty obligations. Turkey also refused to reinforce beleaguered Kurdish forces fighting Isis around Kobani.

Visiting Ankara last week, David Cameron asked for better cooperation in stopping foreign jihadis, including Britons, from travelling through Turkey to Syria. What Cameron got, in public at least, was a lecture from Davutoğlu on the west’s responsibilities. Nor did the British prime minister raise human rights or media freedom during talks with Erdoğan, according to those who travelled with him.

Cameron’s reluctance to confront his host, while shaming, was a good indication of his own priorities – and of how little leverage Britain (and the EU) has these days in Ankara. It showed how far the Erdoğan supremacy has distanced Turkey from the western democracies.

Poor Richards Report

Chapter 21 Ted Butler Research LLC.
This is a research report is from Ted Butler who is often quoted in various internet articles and has been quoted in the Financial Times.

The Congressional solution to this problem is for Congress to enact a law where the fines go to reduce Social Security debt and the division fined is spun off to a competing financial institution. The former employees and supervisors and banned from the industry.

With both houses of the same party in the United States, I foresee in the near future(3-6 months) a Congressional investigation.

Please read Ted Butler’s letter with interest.- ed

It has now been 14 years since I first started writing articles on silver for Investment Rarities, a precious metals dealer in business for more than 40 years. It was an association I originally assumed would last a couple of months. In mid-2000, I received a call from James Cook, the president of IRI. There had been a surge in precious metals sales for a number of years preceding Y2K and when no great disaster befell the world’s computers at the start of the millennium, sales fell dramatically. Cook had gotten my name from a friend of his who told him that I had been writing on the Internet about reasons to buy silver different than what others were writing.

After discussing silver from how I viewed its supply/demand fundamentals to how I had tried to end its price manipulation for the past 15 years (up until then) and seeing how bullish I was for the future price, Cook asked me if I would write something that he could send his clients. I told him that my prime purpose was to end the manipulation, but since I didn’t see how getting people to buy silver (then under $5) would be counterproductive to my main objective, I agreed to write an article or two. The first articles did persuade enough folks to buy silver and 14 years then went by in a flash. The amazing thing is that the issues I wrote about on the Internet before my association with Cook’s company are essentially the same as the issues I’ve written about up until today.

Over the years, since I wrote so many articles for IRI, Cook took it on himself (but certainly with my approval) to produce booklets from time to time which were compiled of various previous articles of mine and he offered them to his prospective clients. A year ago, Cook compiled a new booklet, the title of which is “How JPMorgan Manipulates and Controls the Gold and Silver Market.” Having run out of published copies, he’s contemplating publishing another batch and asked me if I thought an update would be appropriate. Considering the momentous changes in the silver market over the past year, particularly concerning JPMorgan’s role, I told him a postscript was certainly in order.

What follows is my proposed postscript for the booklet. Afterwards, I’ll comment on recent market activity.

Postscript – December 2014

This book has been a compilation of previously published articles, some dating back more than a decade. My discovery of the silver price manipulation goes back much further than that – almost 30 years. All market manipulations must have a kingpin or main player. While the title of this book is centered on JPMorgan, it was not until late 2008, that I discovered that this bank was the prime silver manipulator, by virtue of the Bear Stearns takeover. Since that discovery, I have focused extensively on the actions of JPMorgan in the silver market.

JPMorgan has dominated and controlled the silver market to an extent that I may have actually underestimated. Recent actions by the bank indicate the long expected end to the silver manipulation may be at hand. Not only is it consistent that the prime manipulator would be most responsible for prolonging a market manipulation that has lasted longer than any other in history, no such manipulation could end absent the role of the central player.

As much as I would have preferred a different outcome, the flow of data suggests that JPMorgan not only profited mightily on the historic silver price decline from nearly $50 in 2011 to under $15 recently; the bank is now positioned to reap the rewards of a soaring silver price. Simply put, over the last three and a half years, JPMorgan has completely reversed its previous position of being the world’s largest silver short holder to now being, in my opinion, the largest silver long in history.

I would have preferred, in a fair or just world, JPMorgan being punished either by the market or by the market regulators for manipulating the price of silver to such depressed levels, but instead it appears that the bank has avoided any reprisals for pushing prices first lower and will profit immensely on any upside move. What flow of data can I point to that would back up my assertions?

My primary data source is the government published Commitments of Traders Report (COT) which is released weekly. Along with the companion monthly Bank Participation Report, what the data show is that JPMorgan over the past nearly seven years, increased its massive concentrated short position in COMEX silver futures whenever silver prices advanced and closed out much of its short position on silver price declines. That may sound like plain old-fashioned good trading, but that description doesn’t apply when you hold such a large and controlling short position in a market so as to manipulate prices. Manipulation, after all, is nothing more than dominating and controlling prices.

Since JPMorgan never bought back its COMEX silver short positions as prices rose, but only when prices fell, its control of the market was complete and it always and only bought back shorts at a profit. At the extreme, on a number of occasions JPMorgan held more than 40,000 contracts of COMEX silver futures net short, the equivalent of 200 million ounces of silver. As a result of what only can be called market control, JPMorgan has closed out enough shorts to whittle down its silver short position to less than 7500 contracts. Clearly, even though JPMorgan has reduced its COMEX silver short position by more than 80%, that’s a far cry from the bank being long silver, to say nothing of being the world’s largest silver long.

One must look away from the COMEX to understand how JPMorgan could be the world’s largest silver long (owner) since the data indicate that the bank still holds a short position on the exchange, albeit the smallest such short position in 7 years. The evidence suggests that JPMorgan used its control of silver prices by virtue of its dominant COMEX market share to depress prices, not only to accrue profits on its short position, but even more for the express purpose of accumulating physical silver on the cheap. What evidence?

The evidence lies in the intentionally poor price performance of silver over the past nearly 4 years and the fact that the world has produced as many as 300 million ounces of new silver that has been excess to total fabrication demand. This extra silver had to be bought by the world’s investors and those investors did not appear to be aggressive buyers. In other words, someone had to buy the silver and since the world’s investors did not appear to be ready buyers, the metal was most likely bought by a non-traditional buyer. JPMorgan most closely fits that description for two reasons. One, buying physical silver was the most practical and efficient manner of closing out JPM’s documented COMEX short position and two, the silver purchases would be kept confidential since no reporting requirements attach to physical ownership. By buying physical silver, JPMorgan could cover its massive COMEX short position absent prying eyes.

Based upon deposit/withdrawal patterns in the world’s largest silver ETF, SLV, a pattern of physical silver accumulation emerges. In the big silver price takedown beginning in May 2011, some 60 million ounces of silver were redeemed from the trust as investors reacted to sharply falling prices by selling shares. The silver sold at this time was, obviously, bought by someone else; as there must be a buyer for every ounce sold. Who better a buyer than the world’s largest short holder at that time, JPMorgan? And over the past three and a half years, JPMorgan, by continuing to hold, albeit at a declining rate, the largest short silver holder becomes the de facto logical buying candidate.

Additionally, over the past 4 years, an unusually large amount of Silver Eagles have been produced and sold by the US Mint, some 160 million ounces, in a steadily declining price environment. Nearly as many Silver Eagles were sold by the US Mint over the past 5 years as were sold in the previous 23 years of the program. For the past four years, the Mint struggled to keep up with demand for Silver Eagles and frequently resorted to rationing coins. However, consistent reports from the retail dealer community indicated a falloff in broad retail demand for Silver Eagles.

The only plausible answer to this conundrum of record Silver Eagle sales and tepid retail demand was that a large entity or entities were behind the buying demand. Based upon the above, JPMorgan appears to me to the big buyer, accounting for 60-75 million coins over the past four years. All told, based upon SLV transaction, Silver Eagles and other forms of silver that could have been purchased, it is my guesstimate that JPMorgan could have accumulated 300 million oz of physical silver over the past four years; or three times what the Hunt Brothers were said to have bought by 1980. And please remember – there was a heck of a lot more silver in the world in 1980 than exists today; approximately 3 billion oz back then versus close to a billion oz today.

What this means is that the Hunt Brothers were found to have manipulated the price of silver by holding roughly 3% of the world’s silver bullion inventory, while JPMorgan has accumulated close to 25% of the world’s visible silver bullion inventory (adjusting for the 400 million Silver Eagles in existence). The Hunt Brothers buying caused silver prices to rise nearly ten-fold, while JPMorgan’s buying has been on steadily declining prices as much as 70% off the price peak of 2011. In my opinion, this could only be accomplished through an intentional downward price manipulation and by having the power and political connections of an organization like JPMorgan.

The intent of this postscript is to describe how JPMorgan has now gone full circle, by manipulating the price of silver lower for nearly 4 years for the designed purpose of profitably closing out its massive short position and of accumulating the largest physical silver position in history. As and when the bank has purchased what it feels is all silver it can accumulate, it follows the price should rise mightily. Certainly, if I am close to being correct about the amount of silver accumulated by JPMorgan, the potential profit to the bank is potentially epic. At $50, JPMorgan would be ahead by $10 billion compared to current prices; at $100, the bank would gain another $15 billion on top of that.

I confess to having some mixed feelings about JPMorgan owning as much physical silver as I suspect because there is a possibility that I may have (inadvertently) influenced them in their accumulation. After all, I have sent them more than 500 of my articles over the past six years in which I openly alleged that JPMorgan was the big silver manipulator. Of course, I did this to be upfront and give the bank every opportunity to object to or disagree with anything I had written. I’ve never heard back from JPMorgan.

As is always the case, the timing of the coming liftoff in silver prices is unknowable. But the odds of a big silver move up in time are overwhelming. And to all the favorable supply/demand realities that make up the odds, if my speculation about JPMorgan is correct, the most bullish factor of all has just been added to the mix.

End of postscript.

There have been a number of developments over the past few days that I’d like to comment on. First, sales of Silver Eagles from the US Mint continued to surge and yesterday it was reported that more than 43 million of the one ounce coins were sold this year, the most in the program’s 28 year history. The daily run rate increased (despite my observations on Saturday) and the Mint announced it will be ending sales for this year, probably by next week. As I indicated above, I still think JPMorgan has been the big buyer this year and for the past few years. http://www.usmint.gov/about_the_mint/index.cfm?action=PreciousMetals&type=bullion

The new short interest report for stocks indicated a reduction of 2 million shares in the short positions of both SLV, the big silver ETF and in GLD, the big gold ETF. The cut-off date for the short report was Friday, Nov 28, when silver and gold prices fell sharply on high trading volume. I won’t call it a prediction, but in the weekly review of Nov 29, I wondered aloud if the sell-off that day might be related to short covering and the new report would seem to conform to that thought. In any event, it’s always good, as far as I’m concerned when the short positions in the hard metal ETFs goes down. http://shortsqueeze.com/?symbol=slv&submit=Short+Quote%99

I’m pretty sure that those of you who tuned into the CFTC’s public hearings yesterday on position limits came away fairly underwhelmed. The meeting wasn’t so much about position limits but more about specific agricultural issues related to position limits. As I remarked on Saturday, this is somewhat odd, seeing as position limits have been firmly in place in agricultural futures contracts, in some cases for more than 80 years. The main concern with Dodd Frank was getting position limits in place for the 28 physical commodity futures currently not subject to position limits, but nothing was covered in the meeting pertaining to that. However, this was a meeting of the agricultural committee (in which the US Secretary of Agriculture put in an appearance) and was advertised as such.

A number of readers have asked for direction in how to respond to the CFTC’s solicitation for public comments, seeing how we’ve been down this road before. My reading of the situation is that the CFTC is only interested in comments related to agricultural position limits and would most likely disregard comments on silver. I may change my mind, but I’m not inclined to submit a comment at this time and I’d like to explain why. It has nothing to do with the issue not being as important as I’ve represented in the past and everything to do with the signals the Commission has been sending on position limits.

Five years ago, I could hardly contain myself on the issue because it seemed that every time I turned around there was Gary Gensler, the former CFTC chairman, giving a speech or holding town hall meetings on the matter of position limits on the 28 markets lacking such limits. In contrast, today it seems the agency is just going through the motions. Whereas Gensler (correctly) hammered the issue to death, the current chairman seems to only include position limits as one issue among many more important issues. Judge for yourself with the prepared testimony of Chairman Massad today before a Senate committee. http://www.cftc.gov/PressRoom/SpeechesTestimony/opamassad-6

I continue to believe that the issue of position limits in the 28 physical commodities will be resolved, but that it will have nothing to do with public comments. As I said, let me think it over as I may change my mind.

The price of gold and silver surged yesterday and held those gains through today’s trading. In silver, it was the first upside penetration of the important 50 day moving average in six months. I would imagine there was further technical fund buying, including both additional short covering and most likely new buying as well. The key question, of course, is who were the sellers and more specifically, how much additional short selling occurred by the 4 and 8 largest commercial shorts in both silver and gold. Because yesterday was the cutoff for the reporting week, this Friday’s COT should go a long way to answering the question.

While I’m resigned to some disappointment in increased concentrated short selling by the big commercials, I am still more interested in what has occurred over the past five reporting weeks, namely, the unprecedented outcome of the technical funds cashing in massive profit chips on the short side of silver and a good number of commercial longs (raptors) tapping out. Nothing close to this has occurred previously and I’m still convinced that this shocking turnabout portends important changes ahead, including a potential loss of trading liquidity. A loss of liquidity generally translates into bigger price moves and yesterday’s large price moves in gold and silver would tend to support my conclusion.

Even if the big gold and silver commercial shorts added aggressively to short positions yesterday that doesn’t mean they will be as successful as they have been in the past in capping prices, if as much commercial liquidity has been lost as I believe. Despite the rally, silver prices are still stupid cheap and destined to move sharply higher. Concentrated and manipulative additional short selling may create some serious price bumps (up and down) ahead, but at current depressed price levels for silver, there is a much greater risk of worrying about minor selloffs from here and missing the big move to come. If ever there was a time to hold a full load of silver and damn the torpedoes, that time would appear to be at hand. In any event, COMEX futures positioning remains the prime price determinant.

Ted Butler
December 10, 2014
Silver – $17.15
Gold – $1229


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In this important historical work he provides the evidence, which gives the English-speaking world its first opportunity to see Armenian terrorism in perspective, from the time of the First World War up to the present day. At the same time the author examines the links between today’s Armenian terrorists and other international terrorist organizations.




Mr. Weems has done a tremedous job by writing this extraordinarily realistic book and supporting the evidence as well.. While reading this book, I also searched for some facts on ASALA(an actual terrorist organization that was run by the Armenians) and found out that these guys have been slaughtering thousands of innocent people and killing dozens of Turkish diplomats for one reason: Because they were Turks. AND THEY MASSACRED IN EXCESS OF 550 THOUSAND TURKS AND JEWS OF ALL AGES (MASS GRAVES FOUND) JUST TO INCREASE ARMENIAN POPULATION IN THE REGION , IN CASE OF A REFERENDUM.