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  • US policy in Syria aims to cause further chaos in EU

    The US recent claims to withdraw its troops from the North-Eastern provinces of Syria and the official vows of pausing collaboration with Syrian Kurds are widely regarded as an effort of Washington to build closer relations with Ankara. However, while pursuing this policy, the Pentagon and the CIA continue expanding communication channels with Syrian Kurds […]

  • EU’s bitter lessons

    The European Union continues to struggle with its economic and migration crises. The huge debt, obsolete political and economic regulations and inability to manage its migration policy are important alerts for the EU indicating the Brussels’s need to change its compass, says Pino Arlacchi, Member of the European Parliament. By pursuing the US political course in the […]

  • US new media campaign in Tajikistan poses risk for president Rahmon

    The United States are to start a new media campaign in Tajikistan that aims to prevent corruption and other violations by Tajik authorities.  Funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the foundation «Eurasia of the Central Asia- Tajikistan» launched a series of training programs for local journalists earlier this years. The program […]

  • Trump’s Afghanistan Strategy Unveils US Stronger Ties with Tajikistan

    The United States continue expanding their presence in the Central Asia as part of the program «The Great Central Asia». As President Trump announced his new policy on Afghanistan earlier this week, the US Administration have started looking towards Tajikistan, the key region on the Central Asia which has a longer border with Afghanistan. Boosted […]

  • Trump CIA Merkezinde; Biliyorsunuz medya ile devam eden bir savaşım var!

    ABD Başkanı Donald Trump, görevinin ilk gününde Merkezi Haber Alma Teşkilatının (CIA) Virginia’daki merkezini ziyaret ederek medyanın kendisi ile ABD istihbarat teşkilatları arasında bir kin varmış algısını yarattığını, CIA’in yanında olduğunu söyledi. Rusya’nın Trump lehine ABD başkanlık seçimlerini etkilediği iddiaları ile gündeme gelen Trump-CIA kavgasının ardından yeni Başkan’ın ilk durağının CIA merkezi olması ilişkilerin yumuşayacağı […]