Kazakhstan on the Eve of the Presidential Election

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As Kazakhstan is entering new era of development, my Kazakh colleague compiled a piece to shed a light on the today’s political landscape of the country. In order to share these valuable views, I decided to share his article with our esteemed readers. BTW, Presidential elections are set to be conducted on November 20, 2022.

Kazakhstan is Entering an Era of Change

Anuar Azimov – Public Foundation “Center for Political and Social Research”, Almaty

Each regular election cycle actualizes new challenges to society and authorities in any country in the world.  In an era of unstable geopolitical situation, as well as ongoing conflicts, the domestic political situation in Kazakhstan remains relatively calm.

Issues of stability and planned development are an important basis for the satisfaction of social strata with their position.

For example, after the collapse of the Soviet Union and gaining independence, new countries needed a strategy for the development of a sovereign political and economic system, taking into account the current financial realities, mentality, and the national composition of the subject.

In this context, the basis for the systematic development of Kazakhstani society is peace and stability. The cornerstone in this case is inter-ethnic harmony and inter-confessional harmony.  These approaches made it possible to preserve and increase the functional viability of the statehood of Kazakhstan over the period of independence.

However, international turbulence and a systematic change in the world order pose new challenges and threats to the country. The main task for Kazakhstan at this stage is to strengthen statehood, cohesion and progressive economic development.

In this regard, the political and institutional reforms put forward by the current President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev correspond to the current realities and are conditioned by the desire to further increase the welfare of Kazakhstani society.

In this regard, early elections, as well as an increase in the term of the presidency, will provide an opportunity for the current head of state to fully build the basis for the implementation of a package of reforms necessary to build a just and prosperous people of Kazakhstan.  This is indicated by the positive experience of many democratic Western countries, which took time to build a strategy, systematize and nurture the necessary personnel for the full implementation of evolutionary reforms.

It is now that the moment has come when the Kazakh society, having passed certain years, is ready to accept new changes and transformation for Kazakhstan to become one of the most developed countries peace.

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