Why War in Ukraine is Causing Apocalyptic Famine

Ukrayna’daki Savaş Neden Kıyamet Kıtlığına Neden Oluyor?

Why War in Ukraine is Causing Apocalyptic Famine

This is David Beasley. He’s the man who currently runs the united nations world food program the largest humanitarian organization in the world that is focused on global hunger and food security. Listen to what he has to say. During this speech back from february of 2022 while speaking about impoverished countries around the world so these are the countries that are struggling in such a way that if we do not address immediately over the next nine months we will see famine

We will see destabilization of nations like you are already seeing in certain places. You’ll see mass migration and i can tell you from experience we’ve got the solutions.

We’ve got the programs we need the money and the follow-through otherwise nations around the world will pay for it.


Egypt is a country that is heavily reliant upon importing food from other countries. The primary food staple within Egypt is bread which accounts for roughly 30% of all the calories that are consumed by Egyptian citizens. This means that the country consumes around 21 million tons of wheat per year and 62 percent of all that wheat is imported from abroad and the overwhelming majority of that imported wheat roughly 82% of it all comes from just the rich black soil fields found across Ukraine and Russia and Egypt is far from alone in this high level of dependence on food coming from around the black sea the rich fields of Ukraine and Russia ordinarily supply 81 of Lebanon’s imported wheat 79 of Turkey’s imported wheat and significantly high amounts of imported wheat across the middle east north Africa and eastern Africa this is one of the world’s most crucial trade relationships that is entirely defined by geography and it is very difficult for any of these countries who receive large amounts of black sea grains to find economic alternative suppliers other rich and fertile agricultural areas in the world like western Europe…

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