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  • The Republic of Turkey(Embassy of the Republic of Turkey, Washington, D.C.) [Introduction to Turkey, Politics and Policy, Tourism, Turkish Culture, Calendar of Events, Business and Economy]

  • Focus on Turkey

  • Consulate General of Turkey, Zurich-Switzerland

    [Information about politics and travelling, news and lots of other informations about Turkey ]
  • MFA Data Bank(The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs) [General information on Turkey, Political Structure, Economy, Scientific, Social and Cultural Life, Foreign Policy]
  • TWC's Mad Rush Through Turkey [Who are the Turks?, ISTANBUL - Glories of the Ottomans, CAPPADOCIA - Land of Fairy Chimneys, ANKARA - The City of Ataturk]
  • Turkey (Turkey Mirror * US Mirror) (by Melih Özbek) [Travel Guide, History, Culture, Pointers to music, Pointers to sports, Turkish Cuisine]
  • All about Turkey: (by Özgür Balsoy)[Turkey in Pictures, Pointers to art, music, Turkish cuisine, Tourism, Sports, ...]
  • TSA @ Columbia University [Pointers to Sports Pages, Pointers to News, a Collection of Turkish Home Pages Around the Globe]

  • TSA @ Illinois Institute of Technology [Turkey and Turkish History, Ataturk]

  • TSA @ Oregon State University [Pointers to some documents about Turkey]

  • FTA @ University of Maryland at College Park [Ataturk, Turkish Cuisine, Tourism, Art, Geography]

  • TSA @ University of Tennesse at Knoxville [A MultiMedia Tour of Turkiye, Turkish Culture in Pictures, Turks in History, Arts and Literature, Sports, Pointers to electronic newspapers and magazines

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