‘Jamanak’ Armenian language paper of Istanbul is 100 years old

‘Jamanak’ Armenian language paper of Istanbul is 100 years old

“Jamanak” (Times) Armenian daily being published in Istanbul is 100 years old. Ara Gochunyan, the Editor-in-chief of the daily, who has recently arrived in Yerevan told “Ermenihaber.am” news website “Jamanak” is the oldest Armenian language paper published in Turkey and generally in the world, as well as among the papers of national minorities.

Due to its 100-year-old experience “Jamanak” has its special place and role in the culture of Turkey and particularly Armenians of Polis.

“The paper passes into another century. Naturally, new terms and conditions appear. If we look through the hundred-year-old history of the paper we can see each period has its specifications, its conflicting issues and scope of interests. This is changing through time. Globalization changes the world and makes it transparent, hence the paper also changes its plans,” Ara Gochunyan said.

Referring to the Armenian-Turkish relations, Gochunyan said South Caucasus region is a very fragile point subjected to globalization, and the perspectives of Armenian-Turkish relations both from the view point of regional and international aspect signify the role of Armenian community in Turkey.

“Armenian community in Turkey has great defensive potential and can have important role in mending Armenian-Turkish relations. Now, Armenian community seems waiting and defending themselves. They preferred to protect their identity and mother tongue; at the same time they try hard not to contradict Turkish citizenship and Armenian ethnic identity.”

Source: Panorama.am


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